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"If one can open their heart to the smallest amount of compassion, then their minds will greatly expand to receive the vastness of wisdom."

Careful Who Is Climbing Your Ladder Of Character And #Integrity.

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Just a word of small advice from my years of experience in regards to a person’s good character and good integrity.

ladder Of Character
“If not careful through life, one’s hard work in building and establishing good character and integrity can be a vulnerable, easy, and unforeseen ladder for some who will attempt to climb it with you for their own personal gain without any conscious regard to the very foundation one took to build it for themselves. This can be dangerous to you if one should fall from your ladder.” _Jason Young Guy

In some cases if not careful, some will use it and disregard it.
Be wise and aware of who is on your ladder.

Be a blessing,

Jason Young Guy
Jason Young Guy

#Ukraine And Our Civil Growth Of Integrity And Trust As One #Humanity.

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Ukraine Boysukraine5

With the recent actions involving Russia and the Ukraine, it saddens me not because of the unjustified and illegal, aggressive intrusion into a sovereign Country by another, but because of the set back in human trusts, integrity, truth, and growth from a humanistic standpoint as one, modern humanity.

When we make treaties, joint international laws, and commitments towards one another, we also put our integrity and civility on display as a human race, and before the eyes of our young generations. When we violate one of those, all agreed laws or commitments, we set back our developmental growth as an over all intelligent and compassionate species, and yet again display it toward our vulnerable and growing young minds of next generations.

Russia and the Russian people are for the most part a very civil and normal society that enjoy a peaceful and normal life in humanity, but of course with different views, traditions and historical pasts compared to others around the Globe.

I also understand situations in Russia and other places are very different from situations in our home Country, as well as, the methods of politics, laws and government. However, the overall rational and civil growth as one race is equal to all humanity and grows together as one humanity even with its underdeveloped and overdeveloped makeups.

All of humanity is balanced equally in its continual growth, and that growth is advanced or slowed by actions from its greatest influences around the Globe. Russia’s actions just slowed that foreword development and civility down in my opinion.

When one agrees to honor the sovereignty of another in basic human life, one does not later interrogate, provoke nor violate them because they are in self turmoil. So goes for a Nation of sovereignty and with turmoil inside its own borders.

Democracy will work itself out in the long run, and for some it takes more time than others. The process will eventually work its way to the organized and civil humanity for those trying desperately to achieve. It’s also a learning procedure as it continues, and must not be interfered from others during its process.

Otherwise, by doing so like Russia has with the Ukraine, their democracy and learning curve will be slowed, and that keeps them more of the underdeveloped side of humanity compared to the rest of us developed and even overdeveloped.

Russia broke, not only the treaty and law, but the trust and integrity it gave to the Ukraine and to humanity. It diminished its humanistic growth with all other humanity, and advanced the adolescent behaviors it was supposed to have grown and learned from in its past. Though it seems they have not, and this intrusive action is now hindering the people of Ukraine’s humanistic growth in civility, trust and compassion and that is just wrong human naturel.

How is this? Simple, as man is continuing to grow and develop both intelligently and civilly. It is a conscious effort with unconscious results that surface and displays itself to our consciousness now for some, and in later years for others.

When something on a scale of this atrocity happens in violations of another, it will be seen many years later as another ideological behavior in humanistic growth, and another preventable lesson learned over again.

It’s a terrible shame the Russian’s leader has invoked such an intrusion into another sovereign nation who agreed to a treaty in 1994 to lay down their nuclear arms for this exchange, and who put their intelligent and rational trust into another that is supposed to be of the same level in human development, but yet returned to irrational and adolescent behaviors, resulting in tarnishing, if not damaging, the world’s and the Ukraine’s trust and sense of protectiveness among civil humanity.

The turmoil inside Ukraine will be resolved by the people, so long as, it is not interrupted or interfered with from anyone outside of its borders. They, like Egypt and others, are in a learning process of growth and development.


The intrusion from Russia is a bullied move that will have great outcomes of setback for Ukrainians of all diverse ethnicity. A society cannot focus on its own problems, civility, intelligent growth and unification while trying to fight off outside hendernesses from the same humanity.

The outside hendernesses, such as Russia, has already gone through their developments of this particular stage like Ukraine is in the process. Russia gave their trust and rationality which was a direct result from their growth and civil development from their past, but now only to destroy what they have learned. These methods Russia is exemplifying is not how humanity grows nor works, and must not be seen by young generations as the right way if we can prevent it.


That is what bothers me most, and it’s a principle mindset that man achieves every era in its growth and maturity as a civilization. Putin and other civilized leaders understand this as well, but Putin is consciously choosing to step backward in learned behavior.

We as a unified, civil society, must not let some set humanity backwards for the sake of power over another and by breaking respected laws of integrity and trust. We must protect the young generations to come who will continue what we teach them.

How do we prevent it? Teach them verbally and visibly as things like this is happening, and correct the wrong they see by others actions even if it’s just one, young, vulnerable mind at a time.

Of course, this in my opinion.

Jason Young Guy

Jason Young Guy

My Quote When Facing Adversities And Making The Correct Choices. #freedomtochoose

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When facing adversities there is one quote I wrote that helps me always make the correct choice no matter how strong I feel on the issue.

If we put this thought below before all decisions and judgements, then we can rest comfortably at night, stress free during the day, and be successful in the eternal.

“Throughout Time, The Good In Humanity Will Always Prevail Over Its Hatred Which Acts As A Shackle To Its Leg.” _Jason Young Guy

Based on that thought, which side of humanity do you consciously choose when facing adversities? Do you ask yourself these questions before deciding a choice?

When choosing to give or deny someone something whether directly or indirectly?

When choosing to be accepting or segregating of someone directly or indirectly?

When choosing to give self-sacrifice or self withdrawal for someone?

When choosing to be supportive or resistant to someone whether directly or indirectly?

When choosing to love unconditionally or with substantial exception whether directly or indirectly?

Do you consciously choose solely what’s beneficial for yourself without the consideration of others in your society, community, or do you choose for what’s most beneficial for humanity as a whole?

So with those questions, keep in mind that humanity constantly develops and lives on for generation to generation, and future generations to come.

We individually only live roughly 70-80 years. Choose wisely as your results will be bared from your choices, and it will leave your footprint on humanity forever.

Have a blessed one,
Jason Young Guy